Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Chronicles of Dating Vol #3 - Realtor 2.0

Another Realtor Another Snuff

I have been talking to a really  nice guy , He has been super sweet and very much a gentleman . We went out this last Friday had had just over 4 hours of great chat , so much in common too  really felt a solid connection  too … Said our good byes , Had a cute little kiss and a hug  and still had some chit chat that night .

The next day we still were chatting and I asked him if he wanted to hang out again .. His answer was yes dear .. so I got kind of excited  cause I thought we were a good fit .. kept chatting later that evening and I sent a picture of  me and an ice cream cone , well topic changed to what else it “could” be haha … The first in our chats that he has been anything other than  gentleman like .

 Sunday I finally asked when he would like to get together and he gave me a shopping list of reasons why he was busy for the next week and a bit , I get it but if you are interested in someone  don’t you want to  spend some time with them , especially when things were said and open on the table lol ? ..

 Monday comes and I don’t hear from him so I just said.. Hi.. Simple and to the point . So as it stands I still haven’t heard from him .. I’m sure he is busy , but again if you like someone  don’t you want to talk to them at all ?? Maybe I am just over  thinking this all , as per usual , but  come on !!

 So I think this is the great Vancouver Ghosting Technique that so many of the Boys in this city use … Instead of just saying .. Hey I’m just not feeling it.. they run away like a dog with their tail between their legs
I think the important thing to take out of this is I really shouldn’t date Realtors any more !! Well or just date in general at this point hah!!

 Does stuff like this happen to you ? Do you have any good stories you  would want to share ? Let me know !


Saturday, August 20, 2016

August Top Box

Got my August Topbox Bag .. What did I think ?

Say goodbye to visible pores! Prime to perfection, plus dramatically blur and reduce the appearance of pores instantly and for up to 8 hours.  1.0oz  $50.89  Available at
I have always been a fan of these kinds of products and this one is no exception yet nothing special and you can find a decent one less expensive

Manna Kadar Cosmetics
Create a sun-kissed glow with our Radiance Bronzer and Highlighter Duo. This 3-in-1 product in a universal shade can be used as a bronzer, highlighter, or eyeshadow.  $27.68  Available at
I’m a fan of this brand .. They make my favorite lip colour .. I used this more as eye shadow and under brow highlighter .. it’s too small to use as a bronzer with my brush

Heat Set Blowout Perfecting Crème
This all-in-one, Level 3-hold crème reduces your drying time, detangles and defrizzes the friskiest of hair strands; offers heat protection up to 450 degrees and layers easily with other hair styling products.  150mL  $19.56  Find a salon near you at
 This is a pretty stand up product and its not to heavy

Elizabeth Arden
Skin Illuminating Retexturizing Pads
These exfoliating facial pads effectively retexturize and cleanse the skin and promotes skin renewal. Reveal a more radiant, smoother, brighter and even toned complexion.  60mL  $73.5  Available at

Nice light scent , the pad itself feels a little abrasive   but you definitely feel the exfoliation after .. your kin is a little sticky for a bit after

Over all  feelings of this month’s collect .. kind of underwhelming .. I really look to these boxes to try new exciting things .. not basics  , and after last months  awesome box  .. kinda meh

Still good for the price $13.44
Give it a try here

August Ipsy Bag

So Its here ..Augusts bag .. now if only I could stop getting nail polish and bronzer haha

·  ·  Dermelect
'ME' Peptide Infused Lacquer in UNSCRIPTED
This Product's Amaze Factor
Now this is a first: A peptide-infused color treatment that strengthens weak, brittle nails. And the fun violet hue puts an extra pep in your tips (both fingers and toes).
  • No chips in this armor. Resists splitting like a champ.
  • Short brush for fuller coverage and a more even coat
  • 5-free, which means none of the top toxic nail chemicals
This Brand's the Bomb
Keeping it real. They’re upfront about all their claims (no “better than Botox!” here). They cut the fluff and innovative treatments featuring ingredients that really work. Minimal time and maximum results are their gold standard. If any of their products promise something, you know it’s true. We love honesty in our friends—and our brands.

Cute colour .. But I get my nails done ..  Might make for  a part of a give away
·  ·  ·  tarte cosmetics
deluxe LipSurgence™ lip crème in wonder
This Product's Amaze Factor
Flower power. This perfectly pretty poppy shade is infused with their famous maracuja oil for a standout softening and creamy feel.
  • Jojoba seed oil, shea butter and vitamin E moisturize throughout the day
  • Easy-glide pencil tip makes applying just the right amount simple
  • Hydrating formula keeps lips looking youthful
This Brand's the Bomb
The sharpest eco-innovators. They put Amazonian clay and maracuja oil on the beauty map. Plus, they’re the only natural brand to truly master long-wearing makeup. So there’s no tradeoff between great ingredients and serious staying power (budge-proof, waterproof, sweatproof). Cleaner formulations, better performance, cruelty-free—and gorgeous packaging you’ll want to pull out of your purse at every opportunity. We’ll never sour on them.

I love this colour and I love me some lip products .. It does stay on for quite a while  it was impressive for a lip crème
Marc Anthony True Professional
Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment
This Product's Amaze Factor
Did your beach goddess days of summer wreck havoc on your hair? Instantly condition and restore it with this uber hydrating treatment.
  • Argan Oil, Keratin and Grape Seed Oil combat damage, breakage and split ends
  • Adds strength and luster to wah-wah tresses
  • Sulfate-free and safe for color-treated hair
This Brand's the Bomb
Marc Anthony’s been in the business of creating amazing hairstyles for over 20 years. His passion? Making sure all of his clients could keep their salon-fresh looks long after their visits. So he went into the lab with top chemists and started concocting his own line of standout products, tailored to his clients’ most pressing needs (frizz control, lack of volume, and more). Each and every one of his products must pass the real-life salon test with his team of celeb stylists. And if it works for them, it totally works for us.

 I tried this .. nice smell .. but I cant say it was anything special .. unfortunately
·  ·  Pacifica
This Product's Amaze Factor
This bronze is as good as gold. Smooth and super blendable, it gives that perfect sun-kissed glow without weighing skin down.
  • Natural color, so you can avoid the fake-and-bake look
  • Build-a-tan. The more you add, the more you glow.
  • Universal shade works perfectly for most skin tones
This Brand's the Bomb
California dreamin’. Founder Brook Harvey Taylor had the idea for her natural and sustainable line on the way home from a surfing trip. And she went on to create innovative products inspired by the West Coast lifestyle. Gluten-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Mineral color filled with all the ingredients your skin craves. Plus, they work just as well (oftentimes better) than their not-so-natural counterparts. We’re riding the wave.

Another bag another bronzer .. That being said I actually like this one  .. its not shimmery .. you can easily use it to contour as well  and it is fairly blendable
Beau Gachis
Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge
This Product's Amaze Factor
Sponge-worthy. This latex-free wonder is stiff enough for precise application of cream blushes and highlighters, as well as foundation.
  • Safe for anyone allergic or sensitive to latex
  • Blends better than a brush or your fingers
  • Unique teardrop shape is easy to hold and maneuver
This Brand's the Bomb
Their name is French for “a beautiful mess.” But their gorgeous collection of unique brushes helps you create makeup masterpieces with technique and precision. A little bit ironic, don’t you think? The family-owned company actually came up with the cheeky label based on the childhood antics of their daughters. And they keep this fun spirit in mind when creating unique tools that bring out your individual beauty—exactly what we like at ipsy.
I have tried many of these and they are all the same idea .. Although I do like this one cause it is black and hides the make up that’s on it  J

This bag was ok .. nothing too special, I would like to see more variety in the bags .. take more risks with the products !

Still a good buy though
Give it a try

Ipsy July Bag

Well I know Im a little late on this one as Ive already got my August bag .. But still gotta  post it !!
·  ·  Nunzio Saviano
Anti-Frizz Sheets
This Product's Amaze Factor
Frizz happens throughout the day. Carry these with you to tame your strands. And never let a summer shower or hit of humidity destroy your do.
  • Controls static, tames flyaways and defines curls
  • Enriched with coconut oil to give you a straight-outta the salon shine
  • Individual to-go packets make these an always-in-your-purse essential
This Brand's the Bomb
NYC hairstylist to the stars, Nunzio Saviano knows fantastic hair. From his salon on the Upper East Side, he’s shampooed celebs, styled magazine shoots, ramped up runway looks and created a wave revolution. His exclusive Digital Wave Treatment is a high-tech, non-damaging treatment to create perfect ‘Woke Up Like This’ waves. Sign us up for his next appointment.
I haven’t tried these yet .. I really want to save them for when Im hopefully in Mexico in January .. you know give them a real humidity test
·  ·  ·  ·  theBalm Cosmetics
Mr. Write (NOW) Eyeliner Pencil in Jac B Bronze or Scott B. Bordeaux
This Product's Amaze Factor
Get comfortable with going outside your comfort zone. This soft retractable pencil blends along the lashline.
  • Long-lasting formula means you’ll keep shining as long as you like
  • Built in sharpener, so you can always make a fine point
  • Scott B. Bordeaux is a deep plum shade that mimics a rich bordeaux wine.
This Brand's the Bomb
Beauty in 5 minutes. That’s a philosophy we definitely dig. Founder Marissa Shipman believed women should feel their best all the time with just a few simple products. But “the ones” she wanted hadn’t been created yet. In 2004, she took matters into her own hands—quickly turning her kitchen into something resembling the trailer in Breaking Bad (but without the whole explosive part). Ten years later, her paraben and cruelty-free creations have taken the world by whimsical storm, fast becoming one of our favorites.
I love eye liners and a dark purple one goes great with my  green eyes ..  glides pretty smooth too
Too Faced
Hangover Replenishing Face Primer
This Product's Amaze Factor
We love drinking coconut water. This is the first primer to bring the probiotic’s brightening benefits to beauty. Good hydration starts here.
  • Look fresh and flawless for longer, helps your makeup go the distance
  • Does dewy duty. Doubles as a moisturizer and leaves you radiant.
  • 100% said skin had the appearance of a full night’s rest in a consumer study
This Brand's the Bomb
Did someone say over the top? Sorry, they’re not sorry. Unapologetically audacious founders Jarrod and Jeremy put the provocative in beauty. Adding glitter into eyelid primers. Scenting shadow palettes with chocolate. Making matte bronzer cool again. Creating a mascara that’s better than sex (literally). Ultra-feminine and ultra-fun, they love breaking the rules and bringing us the most amazing formulas. Leave it to these guys to always go there.

Nice light fragrance , Not very sticky .. But a primer is a primer  got to find one that works best for you !
·  ·  ModelCo
POWERLASH Black Mascara
This Product's Amaze Factor
Lashes like whoa! Turn them up with the most amazing mascara we’ve laid eyes on lately.
  • Drama for days (and nights). Designed to last, and last and last.
  • Thin and lightweight brush separates, coats and evenly distributes
  • Flake-free formula means no under-eye smudging
This Brand's the Bomb
Look up “beauty pioneer” in the dictionary, and you’ll see a picture of ModelCo. They take on everyday struggles and create incredibly innovative solutions. Gloss with a light on the end (so you can apply in the dark, without covering more than your lips in color). A heated eyelash curler that keeps you looking bright-eyed for longer than you ever thought possible. Always fun and fearless, we know who to call when we need a beauty hero.

Another mascara doing the same thing really .. that being said you can never have too much mascara !!
BelláPierre Cosmetics
Banana Setting Powder
This Product's Amaze Factor
This is bananas. Literally. The yellow tinge color-corrects to offset redness and acts as a subtle highlight. It’s a fave of ipsy’s contour queens.
  • Works for all skin tones from fair to dark
  • Helps hide undereye circles
  • Illuminates and looks transparent once applied
This Brand's the Bomb
Pure and simple. One of the hottest and fastest growing mineral makeup brands out there, they keep it natural—so you get products with ultra smooth textures that won’t clump or fade. No fillers. Just good-for-your-skin ingredients that leave you glowing.
I really like this product .. perfect shade to work with !

I liked these products , I think this bag is a hit for trying out new products 

Get your own bag here

Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's Keto Time Again !!

So throughout the year I go on a Ketosis diet  for a chunk of time at once .. or if I’m feeling bad and need to pull it together this gives you something to  focus on, or at least it does for me  and I feel great after as well !!
This time its because I'm going to Mexico in 5 months hopefully so ... Swimsuit motivation

 What is that you ask ?

The ketogenic diet (often termed keto) is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with the Atkins and low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat. The reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

  I find that this works well for me as long as you are diligent to this you are good to go

  You can enjoy some of your favorite  foods that you thought before were too indulgent  but it works !

I’ve had my moments but for the most part it’s been pretty great .. Easy to follow and time I’m craving anything .. I just look online and Find a recipe .. alter it to my liking and go from there !

So starting off can be a little rough but it’s rewarding and you will feel great .. So I came up with a mini get you going started plan .. regardless of how you break it down .. for the first 2 weeks try to keep it as close to 20 carbs are you can !..

To test if you’re in Ketosis I would Suggest buying Ketostix to test if you’re in ketosis after a week !! ( get them at Walmart or grocery store pharmacy) While you are getting into ketosis you may feel  flu ish .. it’s just the keto flu it will pass after you get used to the lack of carbs !! I promise :)

Low Carb Meal Starter

Breakfasts1-2 carbs

Carbs     Food

1       Bacon and 2 Eggs
1       Low Carb Protein Powder ( try and find 1 carb)
0      1 cup coffee
0      1 tbsp. organic butter
0      1tbsp coconut oil
0      1 tbsp. heavy cream/whip cream

Lunch’s 3-4 carbs

0.5   1 Cup Romaine Lettuce
1.1   1 Cup Spinach
1      1 Cup Baby Kale
0      1 tbsp. Ceaser Dressing 0 carb
1      Chicken/protein .. Add this to the first couple days to keep you from getting hungry
0      1 tbsp. Bacon Bits

Dinners 10-14 carbs

2.2   1/2 Zucchini noodled
1       protein chicken/steak/pork/fish
4       3 mini peppers/ large pepper
2.4    small tomato look up carb values on calorie you want the number that carb – fiber gives you
0.01  1/4 cup basil
2      10 snap peas
1      1 oz. mozza/ hallumi cheese
0      1/3 cup shredded cheese
0.6   1 green onion
1      4 turkey slices

Snacks if needed

0     pork rinds …bak’n puffs
3     1cup frozen whipped cream
2.2   natural peanut butter

Meals Ideas I make

Bullet proof coffee blend all together
Ceaser Salad w/ bacon and cheese
Zucchini Pasta chicken peppers and a butter basil

Hopefully this is somewhat helpful ! if you need anything I’m only an email away !!


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TopBox July 2016

So I got my first Top Box package after hearing about it from a friend !
Wash face. Pull out the mask and carefully place it on the face. Remove after 10-15 minutes and tap lightly to absorb the remaining essence into the skin.  3 Units for $9  $4  Available in stores and online at theFaceShop.ca
These are adorable !! I will definitely be purchasing some more 

Be Delectable
ultra nourishing hand cream
Packed full of goodness this ultra nourishing hand cream is enriched with shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera, to smooth, nourish and rejuvenate hands and cuticles.  118mL  $12  Available at
This smells amazing you almost want to eat it !

Too Faced
Better Than Sex Mascara
An intensely black, volumizing mascara with an hourglass-shaped brush that separates, coats, and curls each lash to voluptuous perfection.   0.27 oz  $30  Available at
you really can never have enough  mascara .. and good mascara at that 

Perk Up Dry Shampoo
For a quick no-wash cleanse or an extra boost of volume, this dry shampoo leaves hair instantaneously soft and refreshed. Hold 10” away from the hair while spraying.  156mL  $29  Available at professional salons.
Nice sent .. great for travel 
Because of the possible mail strike here in Canada we totally scored and go this 
Colour : Sunset Beach
OFRA Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick is a one step full lip color that does not feather. These vibrant colors will give you a vivacious new look.They are creamy and soft in texture, moisturizing the lips and creating a long lasting lipstick effect. No need to use lipliner, this liquid lipstick gives a beautiful edge to your lip look!

 I absolutely love this colour its my new summer colour ..

I was surprised with this package  and for the $14 I will definitely be getting this again 

Try it today!!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Good Morning Hello Good Night

It really is the simplest things that  girls fall for .. We are painted as these complex hard to read creatures , when really we are not

When  you start a new relationship or even a start flirting with someone .. That is when it should be the easiest !  I truly believe that everyone should read the 5 Love Languages it’s a great book and you learn to read people way better after . It’s Very Clear that in my relationships that I am primarily  Quality Time but  Words of Affirmation is a close second ..  and  that is what I feel I should explain .

I have some one that I have been talking too for  a while now .. never actually made it to meeting but he keeps coming in and out of my life for some strange reason ..  always tries to make plans but that’s it .. Listen Up my friend .. If you want to make a girl want to keep you around give her a little attention .. don’t go a week with nothing then leave it up to the girl to have to do all the work .. and when the girl calls you  on not being interested and tells you exactly what she’s looking for .. Maybe make a 30 second effort . It’s now been 4 days since I told  this guy that  I would feel more inclined to want to do stuff and make plans if I felt any interest back from her  .. don’t reply back with you never make  plans  how do I know you’re interested …. That’s the thing ! I don’t know if I am at this point ..

Same goes for friends of mine when getting in a new relationship .. they  are all googly  over a good morning text or a good night  message .. even if it’s something that you like  and are super excited about .. we will be excited too because you shared that with us .. but when you slowly start to pull away what do  you think you are accomplishing especially if you still want us to be around ..  when we finally grow the balls to say good bye to you and you then decide to be that sweet guy from before and suck us back in … then immediately  go back to  what you just were doing ..

Its mean .. Just be upfront and open with us .. If you want to do something make plans .. if you want to talk .. Talk .. If you don’t then give us the closure we need to move on 

We all need that regardless of the length of the relationship .. its human nature